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Should have listened to my teachers

Okay, I’m brushing off some old skills, or more like knowledge I let rot in the back of my brain and now desperately trying to recall. Oh! The regret! I should have paid more attention and put more effort in. Oh! Teachers. You were right! I should have tried harder! Sorry for being an awful student.

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Mind Made Up

This was a little hard to write. Not because I didn’t know what to say. But because I didn’t want to admit defeat. I have to face fact. Some stuff just doesn’t work out. As the saying goes, “Things seldom go as planned”. I have,...

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OMG! OMG! OMG! Okay, let me take a breath. A count may help too. 1 2 3….. No, I was wrong it didn’t help at all. I am so excited and happy, it is boarding on insane! Why?  I have just finish writing the first part of my Novella...

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