Name: Role:
Shirley Belastin  Secondary Main
Race: Age:
Born SumerianHomo ambrosius


Born during the Bronze Age 
Eye Structure: Eye Color:
Round  Light Green
Hair Color: Hair Style:
Dirty Blond Long and braided when Ambrose first meets her. Cut to shoulder length and tied in a low pony tail tossed over her shoulder. 

Unique Facial features:

           Fair and unblemished skin

Body type:

Slender and curvaceous with large breast, though she appears soft she is very strong.

Clothing Style:

         At the museum Shirley wears mostly tattered and torn clothing. Once she is with Ambrose she wears a loose shirt with a low collar. The sleeves of the shirt bell out at her fingertips. She wears tight pants with a single pocket on her left leg. Ambrose eventually gives her a belt and pouch to help hold some of the items she needs to survive in the City-States. On the belt hanging behind her back are two short knives.


Core traits Contradicting Traits
Sensible Grieving
Tenacious Outspoken
Witty Flirtatious
Compassionate Quarrelsome


          Shirley is a quick witted and strong minded woman. Where Ambrose is hard, Shirley is soft and more than willing to laugh even if it’s at her own expense. She is very compassionate and often sympathies with people and their problems.

Though she may appear to be gentle Shirley is also capable of delivering hard hits. She can be outspoken when she thinks something isn’t right. She also has no problem stringing guys along often using her female assets to get what she wants. Shirley also fights with Ambrose often over their view points.

Behind close walls however is a very different Shirley. Her sadness and grief over losing the only man she truly loves hunts her to the present time in the story. It leaves her raw and venerable if she is caught unaware.


          Shirley often throws a flirtatious smile at guys who tend to have something she wants. When in thought she combs her hands through her hair. When nervous she tends to look away and down.