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Pocket Change Stories going on two months hiatus

A lot has happened over the last few weeks that have divided my attention between learning new things to further my career as a writer and being a digital/social media marketing specialist. I am seriously underqualified for a lot of work and I can tell, as I work with more successful writers, I lack skill.

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Electric Steam

Shay’s first day on the job isn’t going as well as she hoped. Her team, Unit Krieg, is sent into the dead zone to capture a terrorist cell that believes the United World Governments are trying to bring down their dimension with the Tesla Net, a wireless energy network that powers most of the developed cities. When Unit Krieg uncovers the U.W.G.’s plot that supports the terrorist theory, Shay finds her family at the epicenter. It’s a race to save her family before the new Tesla nodes tear apart their world.

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R9: Chapter 00

The first chapter for R9 is now available on Patreon. I’ve made some changes to the feedback process to make it easier for readers to give critiques.

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