Name: Role:
Ambrose Virrell  Protagonist
Race: Age:
Homo ambrosius  Been alive since Prehistoric times. 
Eye Structure: Eye Color:
Deep-set  Sea Green 
Hair Color: Hair Style:
Chest Nut Brown, shoulder length. Half pony tail with just a few bangs left loose. 

Unique Facial features:

On the right side just above her right brow is an old bullet wound that spiders out to her right temple.

She has a scar bisecting the left side of her lips. Straight nose with a horizontal base.

Body type:

She has an athletic built to her, opting more for speed then power. Something like a soccer player’s body.

Clothing Style:

Ambrose has a mix style that is between rugged and scruffy with just a dash of charm.


Core traits Contradicting Traits
Versatile Dangerous
Intelligent Loner
Serious Arrogant masked as self-assured

 Ambrose is known throughout her people as being rough, serious, honest and often humorless. She takes no shit and except respect from those who are younger (Which basically means the entire human race). When she is being humorous, it is a light humor that often gets missed. She is very loyal to her kind (Homo ambrosius) often going to astonishing lengths to assist them. This quirk trait has earned her the nick name Virrell which she uses for her last name.


When deep in thought or concentration she rubs her lower lip. When nervous or unsure she rubs her right thigh. When impatient she tends to cross her arms over her chest.


  • Family: Unlike some of her kind Ambrose has no known family members. It is never a guarantee that family members will become Homo ambrosius. Also Homo ambrosius cannot have children so there is no lineage. Chances of being born among her kind are few and they only number in the thousands.
  • Dark Times: Ambrose has lived through all the evils of man and has even been a victim in many of their acts. The two that often come to her mind are the roman slave days and the Nazi concentration camps. During the roman times she fought as a gladiatrix* slave for the enjoyment of people. In World War 2 she lived in one of the death camps and had witnessed the merciless killings of Jews. In recent years she took part in the 100 year Apocalyptic War in attempt to help stop man from destroying themselves and the planet.
  • Education: Ambrose has a GED and a doctorate degree in World History. During Greek times she posed as a hetaera* until roman times where she was captured and turned into a gladiatrix*. She has had varies jobs since then sometimes a soldier, merchant or an odd jobs men. In recent years she has leaned more to doing odd jobs and weird missions often for her people.