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GDC Day Two

GDC, Monday, Day Two. The first two days of GDC are all about summits and tutorials. There is a summit for just about every thing there is in the game developer community. Writers, Game Designers, Education, Mobile. Indie, And...

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GDC 2014 Thursday

When last I posted, some things had gone down. Monday night / Tuesday morning: I was sitting at Denny’s for over an hour, crying into some sunny side up eggs, and worrying about where I was going to sleep. But I’m...

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GDC 2014 Day 1 Sunday

So I’ve returned to San Fransico for GDC once more. I haven’t been in this city for more than a day and stuff has already gone crazy. First, locating my hotel was not fun It took nearly an hour to find even with...

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GDC : Thursday

I am tried. All the talking, the heart to heart with friends, sucessful interviews, and screwed up interviews have left me drained. I want to tell you how the day went, but I’m in a strange place. Somewhere between wired...

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