It’s been a little over a year and now I have completed my Master’s Degree.

It’s crazy to know that I have succeeded in reaching a level of education beyond what I thought I ever could. It feels really good and strange.

Good, because I’ve had a lot of people tell me I’d never make it through college.

Strange, because I have succeeded at reaching a goal I never knew I had.

I’ve gone and looked at some of the stuff I written, like old blog post, some fanfiction, the novella, and I’ve realized how shaky my writer legs were.

After I turned in my last homework assignment and finished my exit counseling, I realized I still wanted to get better and have more to learn. Even after getting my MFA, I don’t feel like I’ve really accomplished anything, which is strange.

“There’s more to do,” is a mantra that continuously sounds at the back of my head, banging against my skull so that sleep is almost impossible. I’m filled with this nervous energy that makes me restless and irritable.

There’s more to do.

Ideas and plans are ricocheting and bouncing off of each other. Characters seem to be spawning in my head as quickly as Left 4 Dead zombies, mobbing me the moment I turn a corner. Full-blown worlds with weird governments and technology populate every corner with heroes and villains jockeying for my attention.

I haven’t even started.

There’s more to do.

Naturally, I’ve begun looking at ways to share these stories. I don’t want to be just limited to telling a story by written word. Surely I can find some artist to do short comics, maybe an animator to do web shorts, possibly a podcast. I could get lucky and land a movie deal or television, but I might lean more towards online as it’s more accessible to people and open.

Just thinking about some of it is making me wiggle with anticipation.

Oh, there is just so much more to do.

I’m not giving up this blog either. I have some ideas for it and want to make some changes to it’s structure, like the tags section (there are too many tags).

So except to see a little more of me in the coming months.