Project Kahlid

Episode 1: Memory Lane

Veryl has one job, prevent the humans from finding her kind, The Homo Ambrosius. This task has led her to a ruined city where the old Museum of Terra still stands. Somewhere in the massive crumbling structure is an artifact that contains the secrets of her kind. Will Veryl be able to find the artifact, or will she succumb to her past and join the ruins as another relic?

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R9: Season 1

Royce Desy was minutes away from setting a new standard for Robot fighters when the match to determine the company’s new champion took a dangerous turn and Royce was forced to fry his robot before it could attack the other team’s pilots. Blacklisted from the company, Royce refuses to give up on his dream and decides to go indie by entering a reprogrammed companion-bot into the Under League.

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The Soul of a Rabbit

Jerrik only wanted to keep the madness of love at bay, which has him desperately seek out a toymaker in hopes that she can create a companion that will help curb his obsession, but when she fails to meet his request, Jerrik takes her life, and now he has an angry god on his tail.

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Beyond the Fingertips

The grassy hills promised her freedom and a life free of violence, but sometimes even magic can’t save you.

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