If you follow me on Facebook,

Or looked to the right of this web page, you’d see my latest announcement. I am applying for a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University. I was told I would have to write a letter of intent, which is something like a cover letter only for Schools.

In doing research on what a letter of intent is, how best to approach writing the letter and what will really make it stand out. I realized I am super under qualified for any Master Degree program, be it Creative Writing or not.

I’ve written out a list of my short comings:

  • I barely have a good enough GPA to meet even the minimum requirements.
  • I have a Bachelor Degree of Computer Science in Multimedia Design and Development, which does not match Full Sails list of recommended degrees to have before enrolling.
  • I have no strong background in writing whatsoever.
  • I barely understand script writing.
  • Barely have a grasp on character or plot development.
  • I don’t know the first thing about writing or sentence structure.
  • My spelling is poor.
  • My grammar is worst.
  • I have Dyslexia.

You’d only have to read one blog post, to see my short comings in writing.

You’d only have to read a few pages of my novella, to see that I don’t understand story structure.

You’d only have to listen to a bit of my life story to know that writing is my weakest area.

In looking at this list, I really have to laugh. Because if you had asked me three years ago if I would be pursuing a Master Degree like this, I would have pointed to that list and said No.

A few weeks ago, I contemplated giving all this up. I thought about taking down the book, this blog, any other writings I have posted about the interwebs,

But then I thought back to when I first started My Deslexic World.

It was originally started as a class project, and to my knowledge, I am the only one still keeping a blog going. My goal for this blog was to invite my classmates and my teacher into my jumbled world of letters, squiggles, and shapes. I wanted to share with strangers the difficulties that not just I, but other Dyslexics have and still face day to day.

But I didn’t want to do it in the same way that I have seen other Dyslexic blog writers do.

I didn’t want each post to be filled with nothing but frustration at my situation or rants at how others didn’t understand. If you are a follower of this blog, you know that is exactly what some of my post were.

My second goal of this blog was to share the creative process I went through while writing a story. I also wanted to share any knowledge I gained about publication, odd life facts, or the happenings at GDC. Which I’m glad to say I mostly succeeded in.

My final goal for this blog was to build a following and make a name for myself as write or Author. This I do not feel I succeeded in, but there is still time.

I am still growing.

And that is what this blog truly represents of me.

The few followers here, the fans of my fanfic, the readers of my novella, my friends, and my family have given me all the strength I need to look at that list above and laugh.

I have gone through a lot but in looking back, I see that no matter how many times I was pushed down, laughed at, underestimated, or given up on, I never stopped moving forward. I know what I want to do and at this time, I feel that I do not have the tools necessary to reach my goal.

If it wasn’t for this blog, the fanfic I wrote, and the novella I would not have the courage to pursue this path. I don’t know if Full Sail University will see this courage of mine or even understand it. Hell I don’t know if any school or job will. What I do know is that I’m going to give everything I’ve got to get the knowledge and tools needed, so that I will eventually be able to accurately create and easily share fantastical adventures across media.

So here is my intent:

I refuse to be limited by my short-comings,

Or tiny letters on a page.

I will transcend past the barriers,

And reach beyond the lines of my dreams.


Rebeca A. Easton