Working Title: Homo Ambrosius

Type: E-Book

Projected Completion: Late May, Early June 2013


After three centuries the veil of the second Dark Age lifts revealing sixteen cities. These cities house most of the world’s population in towering mega structures that stretch to the sky. Buildings crammed to bursting point with human flesh and smothered in technology. The streets swamped with the fear of species extinction and desperation for a solution. The homo sapiens have turned to all avenues: Pharmaceuticals, Robotic Enhancements, and Genetic Manipulation in an attempt to extend human life. They are hoping to somehow discover the secrets to immortality.

And they may have just found their answer.

For countless centuries, humans have told stories of beings with eternal youth. They riddled their myths and legends with heroes whose bodies are as strong as steel and have endless life. Though the stories maybe exaggerated, what if there is some truth? The human race has made it their mission to find these hidden legends.

Only, they may be opening a Pandora ’s Box they won’t be able to handle.

Veryl has one job: Stop the discovery of her kind and destroy all evidence of their existence. But there aren’t just the prying eyes of the humans to deal with. There is a faction among her kind that believes it is time to reveal themselves and take control of the world before the humans start another apocalypse. Facing danger and opposition on all sides, Ambrose will find that she has few allies and even fewer friends. It’s a twisted game of hide and seek, with only one question.

Who’s really hiding?

Current Manuscript

38 pages and counting