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How cool is it that I can say I work with Robots!

The bot’s name is Milo, from RoboKind. He’s an advanced social robot that helps children with autism develop social skills and self-regulation techniques. RoboKind and Mark got the brilliant idea of setting up Milo to communicate with people at conventions since RoboKind attends quite a few throughout the year. The only problem, up until now, Milo didn’t respond to people asking questions. So Mark and a few other programmers put their heads together to solve this problem and I was brought into help with the response side using IBM’s Watson Conversation Service.

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Escaping to familiar ground

Please don’t think to little of me for running back to a safety net. This back-step has brought a new perspective. It’s highlighted several weakness that I need to strength myself against in order to walk this path as a writer.

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It’s hard and I feel guilty

I can’t comfort anyone.
I don’t know how to get rid of this guilt for having covered my ears and shut my eyes to the hate.
The only thing I can promise is to be a writer who tells different stories.
I am a Lesbian, and I have longed to see heroes with my sexuality and struggles.

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GDC Day Two

GDC, Monday, Day Two. The first two days of GDC are all about summits and tutorials. There is a summit for just about every thing there is in the game developer community. Writers, Game Designers, Education, Mobile. Indie, And...

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