It has been awhile.

Things have been ….. a little strange for me lately.

I turned my club over to my Vice President, and become a normal member for my club at the beginning of this year.

I must say it’s weird not being on the inside. Not knowing what’s happening until the decision has been made, is just a little disorientating. But it’s also liberating. After my first meeting as a normal member I felt lighter. All the stress flying off me in one big whoosh; I am satisfied that the new person in charge is moving us in a better direction then I was.

The next on my long list of UGH. Depression. Enough said there. It’s a bit rougher and I haven’t fully gotten over it, then again I’ve been depress for a very long time now. I define these bouts as RUTS. There like small little black holes that I fall into and sometimes I just don’t want to climb back out.

Dyslexia, of course, is having some fun with me. It is surprisingly enough aiding the depression in its quest to sink me.

And the comic book…..yeah that thing just not turning out well. Still haven’t found me an artist.

But I don’t come with just bad news. I bring to you some good!

The novel / Novella series is coming along nicely. Between the Ruts, I’ve made some good head way recently.

I am currently reworking the summary, some of the plot points, and the characters. I have someone editing it now, and the first part should be out by March. All I need to do is find me an illustrator to do a book cover and I am nearly done.

Over all, I’m struggling here and there. But I’m determine to make something happen. I’m looking for help everywhere I go. Taking it one step at a time, and realizing that there is only so much that I can control.

So wish me luck, because it’s only going to get bumpier from here on out.