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I am the master of typos

No seriously. My website, Mydeslexicworld, typo. I get so excited sometimes about sharing with you guys I forget to check for typos on the important stuff. Like the new opening video I did for Pocket Change. Or should I say...

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Should have listened to my teachers

Okay, I’m brushing off some old skills, or more like knowledge I let rot in the back of my brain and now desperately trying to recall. Oh! The regret! I should have paid more attention and put more effort in. Oh! Teachers. You were right! I should have tried harder! Sorry for being an awful student.

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Overcoming worry

It’s okay that all the words aren’t quite right and you’re very simple with your structure. All that matters is the story you want to tell. Work on the rest later. Get the skeleton first then put on the muscles and before long you can fill it with life.

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