According to the, “how to be successful on Patreon” manual, I should be posting at least once a day. I should blast all my social media feeds and tell my followers to share my work so I can become a big time author.

I decided when I embarked on this path I would take it a day at a time. I would selfishly focus on my work and be willfully ignorant to everything else. Now I feel guilty for having covered my ears and shut my eyes to the hate.

I can’t comfort anyone. I don’t know what to say. Sorry isn’t good enough, and according to half my feed, I’m part of the problem. I don’t know how to get rid of this guilt I feel for letting my country down. 

The only thing I can promise is to be a writer who tells different stories that others wouldn’t. I am a Lesbian, and I have longed to see heroes with my sexuality and struggles. I already have several characters that are LGBT+, and I want to share them, but I also want to do the community justice and not fall into stereotypes. The same with my female characters. I normally write strong female-centric stories because there are enough male-centric stories (oh. once you read my current work you’ll see the irony in this statement).

I’ll finish this post with the rules that I live by:

  • Be true to yourself: If you have a dream or a goal pursue it unabashedly.
  • Put out positive energy: I’m not a hippy, but I strongly believe that if you’re negative you’re only going to have negative things happen to you. 
  • Treat others how you want to be treated: You treat others like an ass your gonna get treated like an ass.

At this time, that’s the only thing I can promise. I don’t have a big enough platform to do much else, but it’s on my goal list to make a difference by building an inclusive community.