Joking aside, it was a rough month.

On the one hand, Roger Wilco, the marketing firm I’m contracted with, have been teaching me another part of their business. The cognitive development side. They are certified IBM futurist, which means they have access to a lot of IBM stuff. This has brought some interesting projects to their doorstep. As I have a tiny bit of game development and more importantly branching narrative knowledge, I was added to a few of their projects.

I have been learning how to use IBM Watson Conversation while also understanding the limitation of tech we’ll be working with. So there have been a lot of conversations with programmers and engineers. I have never been so happy to have a small understanding of coding as I was throughout April. There were several times the guys couldn’t dumb it down and one finally ask, “do you understand anything about coding?” The amount of relief these fellows showed when I said “yes, talk coding to me,” made those first three years of college worth it. It gave everyone an even playing field to communicate, which is beyond important in a development team.

On the other hand, I have been learning a truck ton about public relations (PR) and content development. Roger Wilco has added me to one of their client’s PR team. A client some of you might have heard of, RoboKind. They are the developers of Robots4Autism and Robots4STEM. RoboKind has been working me to the bone! Especially in April where it was Autism Awareness month. I have written nearly everything on their company blog and interviewed just about all of their developers. I honestly could not be more honored to work with the passionate people that make up RoboKind. Seriously, the work they’re doing is changing lives and I get to report on some of it.

May is shaping up to be just as busy as last month with more projects and tons of writing to do, both for Roger Wilco and for Pocket Change Stories. It’s back to figuring out a good schedule that will balance all the things I want to do. Trying to stay creative and still meet the demands of Roger Wilco’s clients is something else. Sometimes there isn’t that creative outlet in their work for me to do and other times I can go to town on some fun things with an artistic flare.

With Pocket Change Stories, I have rethought some of the things I want to do. I outlined it in this blog post on how I will approach the video aspects. This week will be the first live broadcast for PCS, so keep an eye out for more information. It also comes down to whether or not I have a recording space. I recently moved and the place I moved to wasn’t as “finished” as I was promised so I’m not sure when the new office space will be set up. If I have to use my phone to broadcast, damn it I will!

Well, it’s back to work!

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