As most of you know, I have two laptops. Mr. Apple Delight, my Mac, and Mrs. Badass, my Asus laptop.

If I’m working on anything that has to do with my Patreon, videos or cruddy book cover logos, I often use Mr. Apple Delight because I can carry him between my two workspaces, the office and the living room, easily. I use Mrs. Badass for all my freelance work because I need multiple screens to view all the content that clients provide.

This week, the AC adapter finally went out, and the battery hasn’t worked in years. It’s going to cost a little over 70, or more depending on the site, to replace both the battery and the adapter. I don’t have a lot of income at the moment, but for the third most important woman in my life, I’m willing to dish out the dough.

Oh, the struggles of an artist!