If you follow me on Facebook,

you might have noticed my sudden spamming of post as I got ready to see an advance showing of Wolverine. It was an adventure! Let me tell you that.

It started Monday July 22 when my sister announced she had found tickets to a free advance showing. I was of course jumping for joy. I’ve been looking forward to Wolverine since its first announcement. Fast forward to Tuesday July 23, our plans were set. Hit the movie theater by 6pm and get ready to stand in line.

My sister and I have been to advance showings before, we never expected a line to be that long. I will now present you with a Facebook post:

2013-07-24 19.23.15

Midway through composing the first post and my prayer to the great movie god, a Fox Century rep walks out and tells my part of the line standing outside that we’re probably not getting in. They only got one theater for the showing and that’s already being taken up by media people. Understandably several people were quite upset and stormed away in outrage. People were asking why they didn’t just have a second theater for the normal folks.

I’ll admit I was quite upset to as evident by my next post seen below:

2013-07-24 19.23.34

My friends and little sister were treated to a wonderful sight of me raging and storming about the theater entrance. Several of the employees were laughing at my antics. I proclaimed loudly that I came to see a movie and dammit I was going to see a movie. I dragged my party to the ticket booth bought everyone’s tickets ($38 btw) for the 7:30 showing of R.I.P.D. and stormed past the line of Wolverine hopefuls.

As we were sitting in the theater waiting for our movie to start, my little sister pointed out that it was still an hour before the movie started. My friend who hadn’t eaten was getting rather cranky and wanted to get something to eat and I was still raging and posting on Facebook my utter disappointment for not making the advance showing.

Finally my cranky friend’s mood gave us enough reason to leave the theater to get food. When we returned, this post happened:

2013-07-24 19.23.42

I quickly ran off to refund my movie tickets, raced back to the line and spent the next 30 minutes having my little sister and friends poke fun at me. They were getting a massive kick out of my reactions, from devastation to overly joyful to wrathful killing Rae Rae. When we reached the doors, the gateway to the movie I wanted to see so bad, I was ready to start jumping over people leap frog style! They took our phones to make sure we couldn’t record the movie, which was fine. We got our 3D glasses, got our seats and watched a pretty fantastic movie.

So I will leave you with this last to post from my sister recapping some of my antics.

2013-07-23 22.26.23