My trip to Quakecon

After a week of hardcore training with my new job, I decided I needed to have some fun. What better way than to joy some friends at Quakecon. It’s the annual Gamer/Computer/Nerd event. I here is the most important thing you should know about Quakecon (At least in my opinion), join friends and bring your computer.

Check out this pic bellow:

2013-08-03 16.36.55

This place is super dark! The only light comes from the computers.

That is the BYOC, Bring your own computer hall, 100s of people shoved into a colder than the ice box room. If you do what I did, Quakecon might not be as fun, however there is still a few things to see. Like the Modded computers, or cpus, or the computer box power house thingy. Here are some cool one’s that I saw:

Also there is one other thing that is really big at Quakecon, beside alcohol, is Bawls, the energy drink of choice and can only be found here!

2013-08-03 16.39.23

They should have played Tetras with them.

No seriously, people drink a ton of it.

Or build a pizza tower!

Or build a pizza tower!


So if you’re ever in Dallas for the next Quakecon hit me up. Next time I’m going to be getting a station and playing some crazy games!