Have I ever told you how much I love my Samsung Galaxy S?

This awesome smartphone has everything I need. My favorite feature, not the pocket manga app or even the fruit ninja game I adore or even the alarm I just couldn’t live with out, but the preloaded memo app.

This little app is perfect for my on the go writing needs. In fact I have a total of 23 notes stored in it at this very moment. Each note is actually, and I’m not lying, a small chapter of just my stories. I have actually, over a few notes, half a chapter  for one of my books, the very one I’m working on right now.

So the question is, why don’t you have it in your journal?

The reason my dear friends, is the ideas always strike just as I’m going to bed. My cell phone is always with in reachable distance, mostly because it double as my alarm clock.

So if you ever see my cell phone laying around, please return it to me as that is also my life. My family does not have a land line either, so you can imagine how lost I’d be without.