No sooner am I back from my awesome trip to New York, am I already crashing back into reality. I’ve said this before I’m a busy person. Super busy. I work a lot and dip my hands into everything I can. Already knowing I’m overwhelmed by much of the stuff I’m doing. I decided what the hell, lets throw a few more things on. Why let’s go with not just one, but three events and two meetings. Yeah that’s right. Three events.

Lets start with the closest date shall we. Next week I want to have a meeting. Our second meeting for the club. I even asked permission way in advance so I wasn’t scrambling to get things done. Nope Lady tells me that ain’t happening. She can’t book me a room until two days from now. My meeting is next week Tuesday! I’m scrabbling again to get the word out there that a meeting is going to happen. I asked right after my first meeting 3 weeks ago! Ugh!

Next I volunteered my club to help with this high school event. They said they wanted a tournament and that they’d like my club to run it. I jumped at the chance. I could promote the club to potential students, maybe recruit early. Only problem, I can’t do a competition. No person against person. People what is a tournament? By definition:

1. A series of contests in which a number of contestants compete and the one that prevails through the final round or that finishes with the best record is declared the winner.
No according to the rules set by the people organizing this thing, everyone has got to be a winner. So now I have to think smart. A surviving thing or a minute to win it thing. Something where everyone wins. Plus find people to help! GREAT! Not to mention the same day this event goes on is the same day I’m going to Comic Con. So I’ve got to rely on the club running the event without me. I know my VP will do great I’m just nervous something will be lost in translation.
The next is my own event. A pong tournament. I’m still waiting for it to be cleared then I got to go over the rules with the organizers helping. I have a few members all over it, super excited. Problem? We have to make sure all the stuff will work. We’re using school stuff here so the potential to go wrong is HUGE.
The other thing I volunteered my club for is a nation wide DeVry tournament featuring halo reach and another game I’ve never heard of. It’ll be a 16 players trying to kill each other in a free for all. Doesn’t sound bad only one person can play at a time. So we have to be smart when doing the turny and coordinate with with people across the nation to make the competition work. No Prob right? Pfft. Yeah right. If the net work doesn’t work no one is fighting anyone. The max players at any one time is one person per a site. Max amount of people that can sign up to play, there is none. I’m still not sure how this is going to work. This is June 1st so plenty of time to work out the kinks.
Now for the problems outside the club. My own life. I have these two classes I know are going to
I have major work in both. I have a team project in one and this teacher is hard core. We haven’t even had class and she already assigned homework. I have some do tomorrow. My class meets for the first time Thursday. WHAT THE HECK! Then I got until Sunday to write a team paper. I haven’t meet to form a team! Woman’s trying to kill us before we even get started.
The other class is all business! We’ll be learning how to price our artwork and write up contracts. One thing I suck at is money, and cooking but money more. Business classes always fly way over my head. So that is going to be a struggle.
Not to mention my book that I have got to have done in the next two months, if I hope to stay a head of the game. Good news! I got most of the first part done. It only took two days but its mostly done! Now If I can managed my time right maybe I won’t go crazy. Pfft who are we kidding I’m already crazy, I’m just edging into insane now.
So wish this poor foolish girl luck. I’m going to need it!
P.S. I love that picture. It’s how most of friends feel and now my clubs going to feel it to. Crazy, Insane. Hecks to the Yeah!