For the first time in a very long time, I am incredibly happy.

I filled out a few applications for some jobs on Monday, got an email on Tuesday, a phone interview on Wednesday, a face-to-face interview today, and by the time I had gotten home I got a phone call telling me I had gotten the position!

It isn’t narrative design or game writing, but it’s a good paying job that’ll help me get onto my feet and support me as I work with two indie groups on their respective titles.

So in two weeks (August 5th to be exact) I will be working at Microsoft helping people with their Xbox live account problems. I am excited!

One, I’ll get to work at a pretty awesome company that doesn’t mind my green hair.

Two, I already have a few friends that work there and in fact helped me get the position.

Three (best of all), I won’t have to wake up at 3am anymore!

Are there downsides?

Yes. The position I got is an open ended contract, meaning it could end at any time. However, if I work hard they might just keep me around.

Another, I lose my pretty damn good UPS benefits, that’s health insurance and dental. But I get better pay and more hours. Unfortunately with the new laws in place by the U.S., I have to have both car and health insurance or I receive tax penalties. So I’ll be looking around for health insurance in the coming weeks.

Other than that, I am working pretty hard on the games and on episode 2 of my novella/e-book series.

So that’s it for now, my friends. Until next time!