So I told you all I am taking over the Game Developer Club or GDC which I am quite excited about. I have a Vice Pres and several members all ready to go. There is just one problem.

The club has been moved to INACTIVE by the school.

I had no idea! So when I went to the club overseer to reserve a room for a meeting, the lady politely informed me that I couldn’t. Not until I have reestablished the club.

Oh well this should be easy, I thought. I still had some memebers and of course there’s my Vice, so it shouldn’t be hard.

Oh how wrong I was!

There are completely new rules that have gone into place in order for a club to operate and stay active. I have to have 5 members, Check. I have to have an adviser, double check. Club needs to do 2 hours of community service for each semester, well problem. Need to hold and informational every session, ummmm, whatever that means. Hold one event every semester, well now.

I have two things on the list. Oh but it doesn’t stop. Now I have to write out the guidelines for the club. Work on the rules for the pledges. So on and so forth. It’s crazy! Thankfully I have an awesome Vice who’s willing to help and communicates with me regularly.