I’m a busy person. I work two jobs and go to school full time. At my second job, I find I often have free time. I also have such an amazing boss that she doesn’t mind if I work on homework or read a little.

Before you go, “You read? HA!” Let me stop you. Yes I read, I read a lot. I read to get better and because society likes to use words to convey messages. I love the feel of reading and the transportation of books, the transition from reality to fiction. Exploring new worlds, fighting and struggling along side the main character. Oh I could go ON! But I won’t. I have a story to tell you after all.

I recently came upon a man name Robert Brockway and his Sci-fi book Rx, which I haven’t read just yet. While raving about the man’s genius idea for episodic releases of his Sci-fi book, I learned about another of his works Everything Is Trying to Kill Everyone. I bought the book almost at once.

Now picture this, in the small little back area of our store there is me and my friend / co-worker. I’m reading out loud this book, stumbling over words and renaming things just so I can progress. The book is full of difficult words like Klebsiella Planticola which quickly got renamed Plant. To complete this little scene my friend is setting in the corner bouncing slightly. He has ADHD, so getting him to focus and sit still for more than five minutes is quite an accomplishments.

That’s right a Dyslexic is reading to an ADHD. I read to him nearly everyday, articals I’ve found on the net or current writing projects I’m working on. He laughs while I stumble along adding in words, missing sentences and (again) changing names of people just so I can read them.

I do this constantly. If the name is hard for me to read I change it. Like this name, Stanislav Petrov. Because his Russian name went WAY over my head, I cleverly renamed him Stan, Stan the man who saved use from Mutual Destruction way back in the day. My friend spent much of his time laughing at me, but I don’t care!

It’s my quirk you see. I stumble, I fumble, and warp words. It’s fun, if a little frustrating, but all the same I like it. When I read to people, I enjoy when they correct me. They laugh at me and I join in. The best part of it all, as my ADHD friend can attest to, It’s all just funny.