What the heck am I thinking?!

Here’s the gist of my day.

Monday thru Friday I wake up everyday around 3 am to make it to my first job at 4am. I get off from there around 9 am and have sometime 2 – 3 hours before I have to go to my second job at 3 pm and don’t get done until a little after 6:30PM. From my second job I go home where I am up a total of 2 hours before I throw myself into bed just to do it again the next day. Add in through full time student and I make for one busy person.

The only upside to my hectic life is that I only have to attend school twice a week. My classes are 4 hours long and only go for 8 weeks, but I’m cool with that.

Now looking at my schedule, I for some ungodly reason didn’t think I was busy enough. Oh no! In fact I thought I could squeeze one more thing in so why no President of a club at my school. That’s right I am the NEW President of the Indie Game Developer Club at DeVry University.

Now this club has had it’s ups and downs. The biggest problem is keeping members. Right now I am the only member, because everyone either quit school or didn’t know we still existed. Isn’t that great?! I have goals I have to set and people I have get. Its going to be a lot of hard work. Add on that I am building a site just for the club and a Facebook, not to mention contacting all the game companies I know in the area to see if we can get studio tours or guest speakers, yeah I might have taken on a lot. But this is just to good to pass up. If I can pull off all the things I want within the year, the club should be golden by the time I have to graduate.

Oh man, lets see. President of a club, working two jobs, attending school full time, and writing a book on the side. Yep I am one busy momma!