Well, all things considered my first night was not that bad, maybe a little cramped and cold but not too bad. I spent most of my time watching StarTrak movies and shows. I finally pulled out my bed and went to sleep. Well as you can see it’s not much of a bed, but seeing as I have no other place to sleep this will have to do. After rolling around for a few minutes I happily, if a little painfully, fell asleep.

I was rudely awakened by the conductor shouting into the com that we had just reach St. Louis. It was 630ish. Now it 7:32 am. I’ve just had my breakfast, which was really just the other half of my subway sandwich.  Made a few post on Facebook via my mobile. I am currently listen to some guy’s bad taste in music, and two peoples phone conversations. In all, an uneventful morning. Just a few more hours until I reach Chicago at 2ish. My first stop on the trip and won’t be moving out until 930pm. Oh what am I going to do with all that time?