Last night was crazy! There was rain and wind that rocked my car from side to side. Thunder that shook my entire house. Lighting that lite the dark roads. I mean woooh!. Driving home from my second job was almost frightening, I was almost taken out by a semi-truck. With my nerves a little frayed I went to the closes friend apartment and waited for the worst to past.

I didn’t get home until 1100pm, my two dogs jittery and trying to jump in to my arms. They’re not small either. My younger sister, I say younger because she really isn’t little in fact she towers over me the oldest, was curled up in her bed ignoring the world via her Ipad. And while all this is going on my brain decided, hey lets take a trip down memory lane.

If you remember a couple post ago, I said I was a navy brat. I’ve lived through a couple weird weather happenings, of all my memories Typhoon Paka on Guam has to be the one that stands out most in my mind.

Granted its no Katrina but if you checked out the link you’d see how crazy it was.

Winds pounded our little house on base. The rain fall in big fat fast drop that cascaded down our windows. The wind rattled one window so hard my dad had to brave outside just to fix it. My family spent our time in the living room, the safest room in the house. A few candles and flashlights lighting up the room while me and my little, at the time, sister huddled on the couch listening to the roaring outside.

Outside was a sea of whipping winds and stinging rain. Fish and coral swept up from the sea and flung onto shore. Anything that wasn’t tied down was wrenched up into the sky and sent flying sometimes a few feet, sometimes miles. The coconut trees danced violently and power lines stretched until they almost snapped. By the time the typhoon had passed Guam was a mess.

When it was finally safe to go outside it was almost war like. My neighbors next door coconut tree was bent down to the ground right over the main walk. There were down power lines and our old shed laying in pieces down the road. People were out walking the streets talking about the damage they sustained. If I remember correctly, one of our rooms had been flooded. Later on I saw a picture of the new school that was supposed to open up. It had a cement light post through the top floor. A CEMENT light post, broken by wind and rain, tossed like a tooth pick through a building.

So last night was crazy, but a memory of a typhoon even more so.