The book I’m writing is, in my opinion, rather tricky. In the beginning as it’ll relies heavily on flash back moments. The main character has been a live for quite sometime so she has seen much.

I have settled on 4 eras:

Pre-historic / Emergence of Man


Nazi Germany


While the book doesn’t go heavy into detail, capturing just the right amount is going to be hard. Later on in the book I’ve decided on a reference to the Ice Age and the Renaissance’s bubonic plague via a conversation between two characters.

My research has been very filling. It was hard to decide just what eras to chose as they all have some interesting stuff. What it came down to was the “theme” of my book and what eras best fit with that.

I chose based on which had the most struggle, or evil. Not that the Romans were evil per say but the Colosseum wasn’t exactly a friendly place to be. In Fact the Romans weren’t very nice in general. Alright so they  were quite the baddies.

I’m also focusing on the structure of the Roman empire, or city states to gain a better understanding of how it worked. The future society in the main story of the book has reconstructed themselves into roman like with a dash of Priest (The movie) and Fifth Element.

Oh man, I hope I have a good understanding of this all. I’d hate it if I messed up some fact. That’ll just leave the gates open for people to beat me up. No thanks sir, I’d rather not be hit over the head with my history books full of wonderful knowledge.