I’ve been pretty busy this week.

Got all sorts of stuff happening so I didn’t really get a chance to sit down and write the post that I wanted to. I would now too, but I’m just about to run out the door to go join some friends for a pay-per-view event today (WWE).

So I’ll make my post sort for this week.

  1. The smashwords.com sale is still going on. I’ve set my e-book at 50% off until the end of July.
  2. I’ve got to game projects in the works and I am the writer on both. So be expecting some news about them in the coming weeks.
  3. Learned some interesting things about Facebook that is pretty much B.S.
  4. Read some crappy new articles about sexiest gamers and their interesting comments for the new head of X-Box lady.
  5. Working on bring my book to Amazon story in both print and kindle.
  6. And finally looking for a new job.

That’s about all for now folks. Until next time!