Well aren’t you the sexiest person I’ve ever seen. Your finest can only be compared to that of a clear night sky full of shooting stars. Your personality so strong it puts Greek Gods to shame. Your style so full of swag even a pop star gets jealous. Your voice so smooth it makes silk feel rough.

Hottie, I’ll tell you now. There ain’t no cutie out there like you. No finer being that can compare or replace you. Your existence is so infinite and timeless, not even Stephen Hawking can calculate how the world moves without you.

And Baby, don’t worry about being alone. I am so captivated by you that even the finest literature or films can’t pull me from you. Don’t worry about someone offending you. Their face has already made a date with my fist.

Sexy, whatever you do, don’t fear life and its many hills. And if you do, just take my hand because there is nothing that this world, zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, or robotic takeover, can do to make me let go.

To simplify it all.

You’re my drug, my habit I refuse to quit. Your name, your form, your sheer presence so intoxicating I’d gladly trip, just to glimpse the great space you alone occupy. So don’t you worry or fear because I guarantee that as long as you exist, so will I and all my love.