Break time is over!

Okay, I wasn’t really on break, more like I’ve been trying to find different ways to get my first title out there. has helped me distribute my work, but it doesn’t do a whole lot of advertising. That is my job. So here it is.


I said it once before, Marketing is an entirely different beast. It’s the REAL hard part. Your work lives or dies by marketing. If you went the traditional route, agent and publisher, they’d help you. That’s book signings, bestselling list stuff, so on and so forth.

For self-publisher, it seems like we got it harder. We can do the book signing and stuff but it’s all out of our own pocket. So what’s the cheapest form of marketing?

Word of Mouth

It’s not exactly the best strategy, but it works.

I’ve got a professional Facebook fan page going

and I got a twitter

Tack on the blog and I’ve kind of got social media started. The next step is getting people to visit these sites. Facebook has this nice promotion thing, which does cost between 5 to 20 dollars (It’s a daily cost). But the biggest thing is being active.

Being active is important

The more active you are the more people will come. And if you’re interesting or what you produce is interesting, people are gonna wanna keep up with you.

So that’s what I’ve been trying to do the last few weeks.  Generate some interest and get people to help me spread the word.

Now for advertisement:

Right now at you can buy Homo Ambrosius Episode 1 for 50% off until July 31st.

Spread the word my awesome friends! And any advice you have on promoting my work would be very helpful!