Ladies and Gentlemen. My dearest of friends.

I have received your complaints and though it has taken me time, I have finally found the solution.

Look at this new template. Stunning, chirps, clean, and most important of all organized.

Though it did pain me to say good bye to the old one, I felt I had no choice. For the comfort of you, my friends and new comers, I parted ways with the chaotic disorderly template of yesterday and turned to this one.

The first thing you’ll notice in the scrolling banner that features the summaries of my two projects. The second thing you’ll notice is the fact that I have a freakin amazing LOGO! Here it is again vvvvvvvvvvvv  JUST in case you missed it the first time.

Yeah, modesty is going out the window on this one. I mean come on look at it ^^. Can you spot the wrongs, no the genius here! It took almost two hours to make it. And Two more hours to get the site up and running again. That’s four hours where I oozed so much awesome even my computer couldn’t handle it. It froze twice cause it was so shocked by the sheer epicness that was happening!

Alright let me dial it back. So I got a new clean easy to follow look. I got a fresh new style. And you, my friends, are about to be hit with a whole new amount of crazy.

Don’t believe me O.O

Well try this on for size. In the spirit of election week, which by the way totally had to happen on my B-day, I give you this. A Call To Arms.

Did ya click it? If ya don’t think that’s funny I don’t blame ya, none of my facebook friends thought so either. I laughed though and that’s all that matters. So lets sum this post up with this….

Fire and Ice

The only thing more awesome then my new logo is this ————————–>

I know you’re speechless ;P