As the title says, reaching as many people as possible isn’t a difficult task in this day and age of technology. We are more interconnected than at any point in history. With the introduction of smartphones, people have access to information quite literally at their fingertips. As storytellers, we need every advantage we can get and not tapping into the connected web is a huge mistake!

The biggest question running around on the circuit is how to use this vast web of things in marketing? There is so much analytics behind cracking the code to consumer consumption, it’s mind blogging. I’ve been working with a marketing firm, Roger Wilco Agency, for a little over six months and I’ve learned a few things I wanted to share (this is an oversimplification, I am far from a subject matters expert):

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make or break your campaign.
    • For a piece I wrote, I learned about Google’s search Algorithms and how complicated a landscape the SEO field really is. Google is constantly changing their formula to make a better user experience for casual internet surfers. Knowing how to leverage these algorithms and how they affect traffic to your website is crucial to your success. SEO is really where everything begins.

Resources: Google Algorithm Change Timeline, The Algorithm Cheat Sheet

  • Social Media is a necessary evil
    • Undoubtedly you’ve heard people say they hate this or that media platform, but people get the majority of their news from Facebook or Twitter. Links are shared and suggested base on, you guessed it, your search results. Unfortunately, social media is kind of an echo chamber if not leverage properly. You have to have something eye-catching like a picture or a click-bait headline. And tags, hashtags, keywords which all filters back into SEO so your site is on the first page of search results. But be careful with keyword stuffing – that means putting as many related words into your tages as possible – your post can get you penalized by Google’s SEO algorithm.

ResourcesWhy Social Media Marketing Is Still Important

  • Pictures before words
    • There is one big rule that Roger Wilco has when writing for them and that’s always adding a picture. Something eye-catching. It’s straight forward if you ask me, sometimes people stop to see the pretty picture which gives you time to grab that attention with your click-bait headline. All joking aside, pictures are a quick and easy way to grab people attention.

That’s about all I got for right now. It’s been a very hectic couple months and I’ve been trying to manage my time between contract work, some projects, Pocket Change Stories andmy personal marketing. Speaking of marketing!

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Now that I’ve done that. It’s back to work!