I’ve finally reached the summit of my collage life. I am a senior with only a few classes left. Naturally at my school all seniors have to do a senior project. Their last hurray if you will. I am no different. I have until the fall to come up with an idea, but I got a little a head of myself. See last year I knew I would need to do a project so I began think of what I could do. Because I would like to be a Narrative designer (fancy name for game writer) I thought about doing a game. I had this idea, and with it I approached several different groups, trying to convince them to help me. I had several on board but because of various reason the game just couldn’t get it off the ground.

I was getting frustrated. I had a good idea. I rewrote until I liked it then I finished the script. I had the image in my mind. It was ready to go! But there were just road blocks. I was getting desperate! The story was begging for release. Then it struck, a way to by pass all the obsticals.

A book.

Why, I could do anything. I wouldn’t be limit to the medium, there’s only so much story that can be told in a game before it gets bog down. As soon as I realized this, the flood gates open, my story evolved.

I have eight months to write a book. I’m spending one or two months on research and

This is baby is now my life!

finalizing the story. I have to know what I want them to do and how to get them to do it. Will I be sending a message? Or am I just writing for the pure reason of joy? So if you see this laying around. Please return it. It’s going to hold all my ideas just for this Project.

I chose this journal because its a great representation of my story. It constantly inspires me, its a little like my muse. I’ve never keep a journal for an idea before. I usually just store it all in my head,but than I lose ideas, not this time! I’m going to fill this little doll up!

I’ll start sharing more about this project latter. For now just wish me luck if all goes will I’ll have something awesome in eight months!