Picture this if you will. Four grown men and one grown woman gathered around a 55 inch television munching down some pork and chicken and eagerly awaiting the start of a new show. Oh yes, today the Legend of Korra the new avatar series aired and I threw a party.

I love the Avatar series, hate the movie, cried when the series ended. When I learned a new one was about to start featuring a strong female lead I about flipped. I gathered my friends shared the news and we prepared.  Now it wasn’t actually a party more of a BBQ  get together where we cheered and yelled. Laughed and ohhed at each move.

We were excited, happy that in the slew of Sponge bob and adventure time stuff, there was still hope for cartoons. I had given up, thought I was doomed to listen to my friends quote terrible and stupid shows. Yet here it was, a jewel. I am excited, and hopeful, for this new series. Me and my full grown friends. You may laugh but for the short time we were children again, babbling stupidly while our imaginations ran wild imagining what element we’d wield if we were benders. Its great! It truly is now I’m back in reality facing down the dead line for my final projects in my two classes, but just for a little while I had some fun.