Alright so today I joined my Uncle on his daily commute to work. Now just taking the metro from Long Island where My Aunt and Uncle live is about 16 dollars one way. So my Uncle helpfully bought me a 10 ride ticket which I am very grateful for. After having breakfast at Penn Station then promising to met for lunch I set off. My goal today was pricing.

I wanted to know how much it would cost me to go see certain attractions as well as learn the lay of the land. I spent a lot of time walking back and forth between Penn Station, Time Square and Central Park . In all I walked over 5 or 6 miles repeatedly. Plus I got lost a couple times and had to back track.

After kind of learning my way, I set to work learning where all the substations and bus stops, both city and tour, were.  As I continued trekking I finally came upon a tour station. Excited I ducked in and that’s when the money begun to flow. I spent 165 on a 3 day pass. A pass that will let me get into nearly every museum, walking tour, and various other things for free, as well as  deals for restaurants and shopping. $29 for a 7-day unlimited sub pass. The next big expenses came for the Broadway show, SPIDER-MAN!

That’s right I’m going to spider man on Broadway with my cousin Nicole. With the special coupon I got tickets ground for 79 bucks each. That is two birthday presents for her. I then haggled with a vendor to get cheap cameras. So in all I spent almost 300 dollars in three hours.


I know. But I see it this way. This awesome pass I got well help cut my spending down. If I had to pay for every single attraction I’d go broke in an hour. Shhheeeeshhhh!

Finally to finish off my crazy day of spending I went to Central Park. I got a little lost but eventually I found it. Then I walked in the park, and walked and walked and walked. Finally I found a map and discovered I hadn’t even made it half way. I wasn’t even 1 /3. I looked down at my phone. It was 2:48 I had to catch a train at Penn Station at 404 to get back to my Aunt’s. Oh man, I was running late. I start making my way back but here’s a new problem. I’m in the heart of CP, I have no idea which way I came from only that I needed to make it to Trumps Tower. Now I’m running through the park desperately trying to find the entrance I came through. 316 I found it, now hot and sweaty I still have another 2 or 4 miles to get back to Penn. Now I’m booking it, pushing my way through crowds picking children up and throwing them out my way (I’m joking of course). 355 Penn station in sight, texts from my Uncle start breaking my concentration. 4 mins ’til train leaves. I am charging down into the depths of Penn station rushing.

What track?, I text Uncle.

Track 15, His reply.

Shit another floor down. 2 mins ’til train leaves. I was afraid I’d make it to the platform just to see the train pulling out. 1 min, nearly fell down the stairs, Uncle’s on the phone talking to me. Which car are you on? desperately searching for each other.

I don’t know!

Crap, they’re taking off!

Get on the train we’ll met half way. I hoped through the door just as the doors were shutting. I’d made it. Barely. It was an crazy ending to rather normal day. Now My feet are killing me. I posted all the notes I’d written on the trip and now I’m off to take a shower. Tomorrow the real exploration beings.