So here I am at 1230 am. Writing up a small little synopses of the book I’m working on. I wanted to pick a date sometime in the future for my story’s setting. I had settle on 2225, and as the synopses goes, 250 yeas after another world war. The war had taken place in 2060 and after doing some math I realized that was not a possible date. 2060 to 2225 is only a 100 something years. So after a bit more math (Ugh!) I had to change my future date.

This change then sparked something. What can human’s do in 250 years? So I looked up how old the United States was. If what I have discovered is to be right? This year, we as a country are only 236 years old!


I am a navy brat. I lived over seas twice in my navy brat life. The second time was in Spain. I visited many places. Rome ruins, Arab palaces and churches. I’ve walked on pebbled roads, witness traditions all of which are older then our country.

What can we do in 236 years? Everything. We’ve settled land. Rebelled against Kings. Created our own government. Started revolutions. Fought in two world wars. Created planes and cars. Touched the moon! THE MOON! That’s our country alone. Think of Europe that’s buildings have musty air older then America. They’ve had several different empires and Kingdoms. Wars and weapons we only wield in fantasy worlds or at Medieval times!

Imagine when everything use to be green and it really did take 2 hours of walking up hill to get to school. Imagine wearing clothes that we now use as blankets. Just beginning the aqueduct.

Wait there’s more!

History Books! The gray one is called Eyewitness To History.

Mesopotamia, 3000 some year Before Come Era, is considered to be the vary first urban culture. Before that the first record we have of humans even existing , Homo Sapiens that is, is some 250,000 BCE. Where are you getting this information, Rae? Some the internet, some my own school bred knowledge, but most from here —–>

When I said I was doing research into human history I meant it and It is just mind blowing. We humans as a race are very young too. Monkeys have looked like monkeys for ages and dirt’s been dirt but we just kept changin’. Unsatisfied with the status quo of the old food chain. We rose up and built up and here we are today. But I’m not just stopin’ here my good friends, I’m pushing forward. We are still evolving, still growing. There have been breakthroughs in technology and medical research. We have begun making computers smaller and even thinking about placing them inside ourselves as tiny nanobots.

We create stories, games, movies, T.V. Shows and dreams with robotic parts and holograms. And contain it all in a genre called Science fiction. Fiction by its vary definition mean Invention or fabrication as opposed to fact. Yet some of our fiction is not.

Remember Data the android from Star Trek Next Gen. How close are we to him now? How close are we to I robot or Reel Steel? Just think of all those dreams you use to have as a kid with a hover car.

We are progressing. Growing and what’s more creating things like artificial life. It seems we are only a few steps away from the Matrix at times and only a few light years from Star Trek.

But wait, the end of the world, Rae?

When looking at the facts. At all the stuff we as a race have survived through, ice age included. Can you really say we will be beaten down? Wiped off the face of the earth without so much as putting up a fight? I say nah!

Our history of wars have show just how much of a fight we can put up. Look at 300. We are resilient, history has proven it. The Greeks didn’t just die out they evolved into the Romans, who eventually evolved into us. Believe what you will. Say what you will. But when you look back, pick up a history book, and realize that your young country is the vary symbol of growth and evolution. Its hard not to be amazed and skeptical of the doom-callers.

I believe humans will be around for a long time after our time. So what can we do in 250 years?