Welcome my dearest of friends, to the great speckle.

So let us get down to business.

Yes, I am aware that the url and the header is in fact spelt wrong. I am also aware that the proper spelling is Dyslexic. However, in my hast to get this marvel up I missed spelled the word resulting in this ironic name. Yet I am loath to take it down as now it is a happy joke. A perfect joke.

As most people with my LD can attest to, spelling is not our strong suite. In fact words can be a great enemy, and have in fact been my greatest nemesis for as long as I can actively remember.


Here’s a picture of me.  I know a stunner! That was taken when I was a senior in highschool. As you can tell I don’t look any different then any one else. I have no deformity, no lisp, or stutter. Really, I have no outward sign of having anything wrong. You can met me in the street, hold a conversation for hours and you’d be none the wiser. In fact until just recently several people had no idea I had dyslexia, and my entry graduating class didn’t either. Many of them still don’t. So why, Dear amazing Rae, do you come out now?

The answer my inquisitive friends, To prove a point. Let’s just go ahead and get the gooey, mushy and cheesy stuff out the way. I have had difficulties growing up with Dyslexia. Teachers not understanding how to tech me, kids making fun, so on and so forth. The list is endless and if you have a dyslexic friend they can tell you, it suuuuuccckkked. Hard core. Really, that’s a gamer term look it up.

So as I entered into highschool, little me just beginning to try and figure out where I wanted to go in the world. All starry eye, I suddenly got the crazy idea I wanted to b a writer. A good writer. My first attempts were pretty bad. A friend of mine can tell you it was cringe worthy. In fact I found some of them just the other day and had no idea what the heck I was trying to spell, thankfully I got the gist of it. Now I have evolved.  And this is me, this blog. My “Hello World” if you will.

Now there will be miss spellings and typos (some intentional just to know that you’re reading), grammatical errors and all the no nos of writing. Chances are if spell check doesn’t find it and and hour of searching on google doesn’t help, the word will remain wrong. If you’re one of those grammer nazi’s I hear and read about, please I happily invite you to take a poke. This blog is here for one reason. To introduce myself to the world and slowly grow more in my porsute to become a “good” writer.