I was really proud when I told people that I work two jobs and go to school full time. I love hearing them ask, “When do you sleep?” I’d always answer “Somewhere in between dying and never.”

But after nearly two and half years, I finally broke. I didn’t just crash, or over sleep. I didn’t end up in a hospitable or anything nearly as dramatic as that. I simply made some mistakes, topping them with a huge mistake that cost some people some money. I was somewhat yelled at, more like snapped at. Then I stupidly asked time off from one of my jobs so I could take care of homework I was behind on. Which isn’t a good idea, because work is work and school is school so the two should never have to cross. Or something like that.

End result: one upset employee / customers. One upset and disappointed me.

I had to take stock. I had to put my prioritizes in order. I’m two semesters out from graduating.  I’d already failed one class because I was to tried to deal with a teacher who has it out for me and still does. I’m always grumpy, always had to fight time to get anything done. Always racing off somewhere. And had nervous break downs or some sort of depression streak. I had to face facts. I was not in good shape. I could feel the ware on my body and it was only going to get worst. Something had to give.

I had a choice, two jobs and school or one job and school.

My pride I thought would take a hit. I couldn’t hold it down any longer. So I quit my second job before any more mistakes could be made. Last week was the last time I worked two jobs. Today I went to my only job at 4 in the morning. Got home around 930ish. Took a shower. Then slept ’til 1. It feels good, but a little weird not to be racing out my door and down the highway. Now I’ve got some homework to do and some dogs staring at me for my lunch. It’ll be interesting to see what’ll come of me these next few weeks since I now have all the time in the world.