It’s no secret now.

I’m part of the Xbox live support. My job is pretty simple, Help the customer. The hardest thing about it is I have to do all my communication through email. I don’t have a phone, or a calling system. In fact the phones sitting in our cubicles are just there for decoration, an illusion of an office really. Or perhaps the last remains of the people that use to work there before we took over the space.

The people I work with are pretty nice, each unique in their own way. Their cubicle (A.K.A. Cubes) decorations range from family pictures, to all-out battle scenes with figurines from classic and mainstream video-games. In their cube lockers are an assortment of cereal boxes, crackers, and other munchies. The drifting conversations can take you through interesting game facts, daily happenings, Favorite T.V. dramas, jokes a little off and upset customers’ colorful names for us.

The adjustment has been slow going. Understanding how to do my job is pretty hard. It’s sometimes never straightforward. And stuff that should seem obvious and common sense is over-thought. There’s a goal number to reach and I’m the tortoise compare to some of the faster hares that blaze right by it.

Sometimes I get frustrated right along with the customer when I can’t help, and celebrate with a “happy dance” when I do. I’m ecstatic when I get a thank you email, but sad when I have to reply with a standard template that explains security proofs for Xbox.

When friends ask how I’m liking the job, I say it’s to early to tell. I’m still learning the business and finding my groove. Every week I’m adjusting more and more and trying to get over the strange homesick I feel for my old job. There is a loss of comfort, a floating sensation while I try and stabilize in this new space. Before, I knew exactly what I had to do to finish a job. Now I’m stumbling around like a new born calf.

And there’s another problem I’d love to tell you about.

It’s about me

and a guy

and two cars

and some papers with green letters.

But I can’t because I’m pretty sure they can use it against me,

if ya know what I mean.

And there are numbers too.

Lots of zeros behind a one.

And there are nightmares and new stresses that pile on top of failing projects, and holly shit this got really depressing really quickly!

So, I’ll leave it here today my friends before I spiral entirely. Good night and until next time.