I’ve said it once I’ll say again. Busy. Just busy. Last week was crazy. I spent more time running around then I had the energy for. By the time I slowed down it was Sunday and I still had homework to do. Crazy amount of homework and just looking at the classes for this session, tons of papers.

Usually my classes are art where I get to exercise my bad art skills and laugh at / be jealous of other peoples work. This time around I’m running a team in one class and trying to fly under the radar in the other. This one teacher does not like me and considering she destroyed me in a class last session, I really don’t want to fail.

Plus my brain went south for a few days resulting in me putting up the wrong date/day combo. Only half the little club showed up, but of the few that did they were very excited about what we have going on. Not to mention two very emotional days resulting in me shedding a tear, because I don’t cry. Really I hate it. My belief, no one cries pretty. Ask any of my friends of the few times they’ve seen me cry, it’s always been a tear.

On the upside some good things have happened. Got to see the awesome Avengers movie twice. Delegated events to the members of my club taking stress off me. Finding out I’m dumb enough to do two senior projects.

Yep you read that right.

I’m not doing one, oh no. I decided I don’t have enough to do. I’m doing two. I’ve still got the book in the works but now I have a comic book. Well hellz yeah to that. Only problem, I’m without my awesome beast laptop. I’m borrowing my sister’s but it doesn’t have some of the programs I need. You know like Word, or Powerpoint. Pretty much it has no programs at all. My family took my old laptop and wiped it clean. I just got Window 7 on here.

Now armed with a computer that only has access to the enter net and one very tried brain / body. I’ve got a ton of work to do. So wish me luck on the next few weeks of hell.