GDC also stands for Game Developer Conference.

It’s no secret. I want to be a Writer in the game industry. I think games are a great place to tell some stories. Games offer a better place for people to be immerse and interactive with story characters and the world.

I have been very busy this last week trying to get some stuff together for GDC. I’m in my last three months of collage so it’s time for me to really start looking for a job. At GDC I’ll be able to meet with game companies I’m interested in and see if they possibly have an open slot.

It’s not going to be easy, I can tell you that. There aren’t too many companies I know of that are really looking for someone with my skill set. Add on that I only have a few writings to show off and it’s going to be even harder.

I am, however, very excited because not only will I be meeting with companies, I’ll also get to meet some of my old GDC buddies. I have been going to GDC for the last few years and have, I believe, created a nice little network.

With GDC next week I can barely contain myself. Expect to be seeing a lot of tweets from me!

As for recent updates:

I have posted the new summary for Project Ambrose including the possible title for the book.  I am still working on the book cover, but I hope to have one soon. Check it out here!

And a new page!

Truthfully there is a whole bunch more stuff I want to tell you all, but you’re going to have to wait until after GDC for me to give you the full download on all that’s been happening. Lets just say the last two weeks have been pretty rough.