Oh man! What a day!

My flight takes off at 10:15 am heading for Oakland California. The entire trip goes off without a hitch. It isn’t until I go to collect my bags that problems start to pop up. I know that the bus that’ll take me to the metro station, or what they call the bart, wants exact change. So I go to one of the retailers to get a 20 broken. She sends me over to the bill breaker. I put my 20 in expecting to get my four 5 and nothing. The machine ate my money. I go to the office next door to complain, and they tell me to call the number on the money eater. I resigned to the fact that I have lost my 20 and was ready to just get my bags and get money else where. But nooooo. The lady in the office follows me all over the place to make sure I call the owners of the bill breaker. I’m like okay I’ll call.

The worst phone call of my life

The people of the company take nearly 20 minutes to get my first name right. Rebeca! I had to go all military “Romeo Echo…..” After 30 minutes I learned that they’ll send my 20 back home where I don’t need it.

After that debacle. I rush to the bus and get to the station and here comes my next problem! Three weird guys approach me out of nowhere. “Excuse me Miss got a few dollars.”

“Can you help a poor guy out?”

“Sell ya this ticket for the bart. 8 bucks just tryin to help ya save money.”

As you can imagined I panic. Shoved a 20 into the ticket machine, hit the button, grabbed the ticket, and ran. It wasn’t until I was up the stairs and waiting on the platform that I realized I over paid for my ticket. Not only that but I have no idea which train I’m supposed to take. I stare at the different color maps, idly wondering how my color blind friends would get through this, before I ask a local. Good thing too because I almost boarded the wrong train! I swear the Bart system is almost as confusing as the New York system!

Finally things start looking up when I get to my Hostel. I get up to my room and the first thing I do is step on my roommates laptop! I’m like “Come on! Why would you leave it in the middle of the floor!” Good thing she wasn’t in the room. And don’t worry I didn’t break it, she is using it right now as I type this.

I meet up with a few friends and classmates to go get our tickets for GDC. From there I head off to the fellowship party at the Stinking Rose. An italian restaurant, expensive restaurant. I could hear my wallet crying! The group I’m with agrees to share this seafood tomato soup thing. I don’t like tomato soup or most of the seafood in the bowl, but I’ll eat anything just to save a bit of money. Got the entire week to look out for. Then comes the desert and momma mia it is huge. Almost the size of my head! I took a picture but for some reason I can’t get it to load. Must be that I’m using my tablet and not my laptop. I left that back home, it made since at the time. I’ll put it up and other pictures when I get back home.

Anyways I was just about ready to throw down every single bill I have when the most amazing thing happens.

One of the guys pays for everything!

That just made my day, top it off when meeting up with almost all my GDC buddies and I am beyond happy! Though this one guy did try to rain on my parade a little, made a snide comment about my novella. I almost smacked him, but I didn’t my hand hurts enough as is. You know, punching a wall, that never really feels good.

So while my day stared off rough, everything turned out great and tomorrow. OH MAN! Tomorrow the conference starts! I am ready!

So until next time my lovelies!