It’s Official! The club is up and going. The part that gets me is when I turned in the information, the lady in charge was like “Okay, Thank you. You’re a club now.”

That was it. I just handed her the sheets of paper I went crazy over and she just smiles waves a wand and poof, intsa-club. I was like “What the hey woman!”

Now I just have to get people to join, or at least attend the first meeting. Then I have to have them help me plan an event and/or fund raiser. Tack on a 2 hours community service and plan a tour or two to some game companies or studios. Well damn, still got hoops to jump through.

At least I got these all up and running.

Surprised the lady too. She couldn’t believe how much I had gotten done in three weeks. I have to thank my Vice for getting the facebook up.