Name: Character Role:
Mad Dog JaneReal Name Unknown Main / Protagonist
Race: Age:
Caucasian Main part of story: 30Flash Back 1: 24Flash Back 2: 25Flash Back 3: 27Epilog: 45
Eye Structure: Eye Color:
Oval eyes Light brown
Hair Color: Hair Style:
Dirty Blonde Chopped messily to shoulder length and somewhat matted.

Unique Facial features:

Scar on her right side starting on her cheek to the bottom of her right ear.

Scar over her left eye splitting her eyebrow and ending at the corner of her left cheek.      

Body type:

Main part, flash back 2, and flash back 3: Athletically built, more built for speed then power.

Flash Back 1: Slender 5ft 6in. When living on the street is skinny.

Epilog: Older. Lower shoulders. Tired and worn stance but still standing tall.

Clothing Style:

          Before Mad Dog: She wore long dresses made for the period, and kept her hair up in tight buns.

Jane has a baggy aviator style. She wears a jacket with an ensign of a raging dog and the words “Mad Dog,” stitched messily into the back. Under the jacket she wears a tight black shirt that shows off her shapely breast. She has baggy cargo pants with three small pockets on the right leg and one large pocket on the left thigh. There is a belt that helps to hold her pants on but hangs low on the right side where she keeps a hand gun, hanging from the back on the belt is a large hunting knife. She wears black combat boots. Around her neck she has a red scarf and aviator goggles. Hanging from her shoulders is usually a long rifle with “Woof Woof,” carved into the wood.



Core traits Contradicting  traits
Pride Anger
Determination Opinionated
Calm Conniving
Intelligent Malicious

Most of the story depicts Mad Dog as a cold and calculating woman willing to kill anyone that gets in her way. Yet despite her cold and calm attitude toward people we catch small glimpse of her compassionate side and her motherly grace with children.


          Mad Dog collects keep sakes from the many people she meets. Much of her clothing is from people she’s fought a long side such as the Scarf and Goggle she wears around her neck.

When deep in thought she tends to look up as if the answer she seeks is above her head.

When annoyed she squeezes her lips tight and scrunches her nose.

There are several moments where she pulls out a small photo and rubs the image. As the story wares on the image fades to white. Even so she can remember every detail of the photo.