Name: Role:
General Burk Antagonist
Race: Age:
German  Part 1: 40Epilog: 50
Eye Structure: Eye Color:
Oval with drooping corners  Blue
Hair Color: Hair Style
Blond with graying sides  Cut short

Unique Facial features:

          A distinguish aged man. His forehead is wrinkled with worry lines. His eyes are hard. His lips are always mushed together in a light frown.    

Body type:

He is a tall slender man. Straight back and chin raised.

Clothing Style:

         General German Uniform


Core traits Contradicting Traits
Ambitious Compassionate
Intelligent Curious
Precise Arrogant
Diligent Quixotic


          Burk is a very educated man. He is also very curious as well. He is quick witted and able to make fast decisions. He takes care of his own although at times he appears to be indifferent . He also has a great deal of compassion which also lands him in trouble. He does not believe in killing but knows that in war it is necessary.  He hides his compassion behind his stern façade.


          Because his is a curious man he can often be found examining odd things such as Bugs, Plants, bullets, vehicles, and clothing stitching.

Often when he is in deep thought he pulls out his small round reading glasses and taps them to his lips.

When he is displeased he gives a soft smile and with a slight tilt of his head to the left.