While I loved the old theme this new one was just too good to pass up.

I love the flow of it, and the part that sold me is the pictures being placed on display first. While scrolling around my own site I found my eyes gravitating to the large pictures. This is important as I want to catch my readers, You lovely friends, and keep them interested.

The final thing that sealed the deal was the fact that it does not display dates until you open the post. I have my first post Welcome as a sticky. Some of the themes would display the date which I don’t want. It is the first thing you see and if you see the February 27, 2012 first, well I’m afraid you think I’m not writing anything.

And that just won’t do.

The only problem is that the font is to light. But I really don’t want to darken the background it just won’t turn out pretty. I’ve tried.

So with my new theme and its amazing look I shall conquer my next few post with zeal!

Update 10/6/2012:

I finally figured out how to make the font readable. I’d tell you but it makes me feel stupid for not realizing it sooner.
 Don’t worry I am punishing myself by going through all 30 post and righting my wrongs.