Story Summary

Type: Graphic Novel possibly E-Comic

Time: Between 1930 to 1950’s World War 2 era

Place: Battlefields Europe

Story: Germany has conquered most of Europe and the Americans are just joining the fight. In the background of this epic war is a legend that stalks the German armies. Called a hero by the people, a rebel by the Nazis, and fearless fighter by the Allies this mysterious figure appears and disappear as quick as a muzzle flash.

Given the nickname Mad Dog by the Germans and named Jane Doe by the Allies. Mad Dog Jane has made it her mission to bring down the powers that has destroyed the lives of thousand and left hundreds cling to the last string of hope. While at the same time searching for the ones responsible for her own tragic past.

There is no bunker, fortress, camp, or giant steam men that can stop the wrath of a woman’s scorn.