I am not a young flower anymore.

A few years ago, I could do two to three jobs, go to school full time, and write numerous stories. Now I struggle to complete one task.
I have a lot of pride, and its hard for me to admit when I’ve taken on too much, but you all deserve the best. And I want to build a relationship with honesty and trust between us.
So here is the deal, the video and some of the writing isn’t happening this week and most likely the rest of this month. Between my 8 hours work shift of hard labor of slinging boxes and working on some freelance articles, I’ve got too much going on. This is the reason why I made my Patreon paid per a work incase something like this happens, so money is never leaving my Patreons when I’m not putting out content.
I will be back, as soon as peak season at UPS is over with an all new story, the video I promised, and more. I seriously want to thank each and every person who is following me here, Wattpad, youtube, and twitter. Your patience with me is more than I could ask for.