No seriously. My website, Mydeslexicworld, typo. I get so excited sometimes about sharing with you guys I forget to check for typos on the important stuff. Like the new opening video I did for Pocket Change.

Or should I say Pockect Change…

I’d act embarrassed but its soooo me. I should fix it, because its professional video for marketing and whatnot, but part of me wants to leave it, so people know what they’re in for. Like that isn’t going to be one-time thing folks. For better or worst I accidentally use words wrong, don’t recognize errors until months later when my knowledge catches up, or sometimes I just don’t understand the error until someone explains it.

Seriously, my roommates just taught me a trick to spell breakfast right. I usually spell it breakfest and wait for spellcheck to fix it. A reader of my fanfic back in the day had to tell me I spelled beagle, as in the dog, and not bagel.

It’s not like I’m trying to be this way either. Seriously. I promise. I’m trying to get better about these issues, but there is only so much that little me can do.

So how do you handle typos and misspellings after releasing content? Do you get super embarrassed or just accept it and move on?