The twitch channel RaRa and Reaper will be shutting down this week. There isn’t a very big drama story behind why we’re closing the sites. We both talked about it and realized that Reaper had more responsibilities that gave less free time to stay active on the channel for the amount of time we original planned on.

It’s important to note that this isn’t the only thing that didn’t work out either, the podcast I was on didn’t get off the ground. I ended up leaving the group after three months because I wasn’t seeing any follow thru on the things we promised to do. Some writing gigs I applied for also fell through.

February turned out to be the month of failure and frustration. I am embarrassed to write this post, as it seems all I ever do is tell everyone I’ve failed again. Last week was rough, dealing with everything. I remember standing in my friend Jeff’s kitchen nearly in tears asking him why everything I kept getting involved in or putting together just seemed to fall apart.

This year isn’t starting off on a good note like I thought. At the end of January I was so excited and happy, now I’m sort of a mess again.

I have to make this clear, I’m not giving up.

I’m reassessing  what I want to do while learning from the failures of last month. 

So while I spend these next few days shutting down RaRa and Reaper, I will be thinking about where to go from here. I was thinking about starting a new streaming/podcast thing and have a guest join me every now and then.

Thank you for following me and sticking around, I promise I’ll get something to work soon.