Well, I have said it once I’ll say it again.

Dyslexia sucks.

I have decided that I wanted to write a short story and put it up here in a week or two. For every 20 words I write there are four words missed spelled. That annoying squiggly red line glaring back at me teasingly. I just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to spell “possessions.” The last time I spent such a long time on a word I nearly destroyed my computer out frustration.

Thankfully I find ways around to getting the word I want. I pick a word that is close to the word I want. Like right now I wanted to spell Possessions, will “Possion” is not right and the spell check wasn’t helping and trying several other variations wasn’t working either. So I settled on “belongings” and work my way back from there. This is another constant I do for writing and as you can imagine it eats up a lot of time.

Another problem I have is remembering how to spell the word even after I figured it out. Take this word, “Necessary.” For the life of me I cannot remember that there is a “C” in the word. So what I always end up typing “Nessary.” If I’m just relying on the synonyms function on Microsoft Word then it’ll take me awhile to find the word. Google then becomes my best friend but even Google has let me down from time to time.

The worst case I’ve had recently, just ticks me off as it leads back to one of my English professor being rather mean. I had to write and essay, the dreaded task of most collage students. In this essay I wanted to spell “Continent ” what I ended up spelling was “Contenate.” Well if you drop this into Google you’ll see the word doesn’t come up, Word doesn’t know what the heck I’m trying to spell either. Now this is where the adventure for the right word begins.

Oh, I could have settled on a different body of mass, like land. But No sir I wanted Continent. I started with land, then moved through every which way you can call it, even “Country” did not yield the results I wanted. 20 minutes and several different variations later, nearly frustrated to the point I wanted to bash someones face in I finally found the damn word. Which was great it meant I could go through the other 100 something misspelling I had in the rest of the essay. Oh and it only gets better. Move from just spelling the word by using programs and back to that old way of sounding out the word.

Yeah I hate that to.

Some sounds, sound the same to me.

Try saying that 10 time fast.

I spell it as I hear it. “Necessary” does not have a “C” sound in there. So why would I spell it with a “C”? Oh and don’t even get me started on “Triumph” and “Alphabet”! I realize that sometimes it comes down to the way I say it. Going back to “Continent” I say it  as “Con-TEN-ate” not “Con-TIN-ent.”Dictation can be everything.

Sure I’ve learned tricks to spell. Together is To-Get-Her or the weirdest one I do Could, C-oh-you-luck-duck. A teacher taught me that one. And respect, I just sing the song by Aretha Franklin.

Tricks, programs, and even asking friends for help. It just gets a little frustrating, I’m a bit self-reliant so it hard to ask for help from anything. However if I want to be a writer, I’m going have to set aside my pride and use whatever I can to help me succeed.